West Wall Mural at Warehouse 21

Warehouse 21 was approached by artist Anne Staveley a local photographer. She was inspired by ultra inspiring artist JR who is always stretching the possibilities and using art to inspire, educate, and make everyone that comes into contact with his art think and stand back in amazement.

I know that after watching the video that Anne sent to me through email ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PAy1zBtTbw&feature=player_embedded) I was left truly inspired. JR works with the idea that art is able to make a difference. To me this has to be the most powerful realization any artist can make. That what they make, what they are creating can help to break down barriers, make people think, and make the differences between people smaller.

We just had the exhibition for the West Wall temporary mural and there was a great turn out. The mural was put onto the Warehouse 21 wall with wheat paste and a little trial and error. This project has also gotten a great amount of press and I wanted to share the links with everyone :)

Journal: Faces of Youth by Kathaleen Roberts


ABQ Arts Talks: Warehouse 21 and Axel Contemporary host Anne Staveley's Giant Wheatpaste Photoshow


Tessa's Ascension Ski Race

     For all you Warehouse 21 supporters out their who love to ski or snowboard, be sure to check out Tessa's Ascesion this Sunday, March 20th, the endurance ski race and benefit held each year at the Santa Fe Ski Basin. The event is a memorial to Tessa Horan, a former ski patroller who lost her life while serving in the Peace Corps. in 2006. Each year the money raised is donated to an organization working in the one of the areas most important to Tessa: childhood education, care for the environment, and humanitarian work. This year, Warehouse 21 is proud to be to the beneficiary of this event, with the money raised helping to fund our summer landscaping project. We encourage anyone interested in supporting us to participate in the race, which begins at 5:30pm. There is a free dinner for racers, lots of prizes, and new this year is a "mini-ascension" for kids 12 and under. For registration, visit their  website: http://www.sfpatrol.org/id26.html or if you are interested in volunteering during the event, contact eliza@warehouse21.org to sign-up.